Partners in Prevention

Exhibiting in Kansas City

Partners in Prevention is Missouri’s higher education substance abuse consortium dedicated to creating healthy and safe college campuses. The coalition is comprised of 21 public and private college and university campuses across the state. Campus judicial officials, law enforcement, and campus prevention professionals are encouraged to take part in both their local coalition efforts and the statewide Partners in Prevention coalition. The unique composition brings together different perspectives on health promotion and prevention efforts. Since the beginning of our coalition 12 years ago, we have focused on preventing high-risk and underage drinking among Missouri’s college students and addressing other problematic health behaviors such as high risk driving behaviors and problem gambling. In addition, we also provide support and services to campuses across the state to prevent suicide on campus and support positive mental health among college students. Members of the Partners in Prevention coalition meet monthly for training and network opportunities and host a statewide prevention conference each spring called Meeting of the Minds.