Mark Norwine

mark norwine


I have worked for CHADS Coalition for 5 years primarily in Awareness and Education in area schools. My secondary work is in the area of Bullying Prevention having received training in the Olweus Bullying Prevention program which is used internationally. My wife and I have 3 kids and reside in St. Charles MO. I am also frequently traveling out of state to show our documentary, Walking Man, a film that shows the effects of untreated mental illness.

Bullying and Mental Illness:  The Link

The presentation focuses on the short and long term emotional toll that bullying can have on individuals regardless of their resilience. Through statistics and anecdotes we paint a picture of hardship for both the child who is mistreated as well as the bullies themselves. We will also discuss what an effective bullying prevention program must have to have a great and lasting effect.

  • Explain the difference in conflict and bullying
  • Understand the trends in bullying through the school age years
  • Be able to cite the most important elements in a great bullying prevention program

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