Kirsti Millar, MS, PLPC

Presenting in Kansas City

Kirsti Millar is the Suicide Prevention Liaison at ReDiscover where she coordinates the Show Me Zero Youth Suicide Grant which serves clients ages 10-24. She has dynamic experience in crisis work and has utilized her creativity in program expansion and client engagement at ReDiscover for three years. She has five years in the field working with both adults and youth alike in therapeutic, case management and crisis like settings. She completed her master’s degree in counseling from Missouri State University with an emphasis in Play Therapy. Kirsti enjoys working with youth and has a passion for community engagement. Kirsti has extensive training across multiple modalities including: motivational interviewing, positive youth development, harm reduction, assessing and managing suicide risk, trauma informed care, vicarious trauma, EMDR and play therapy.

Preventing Youth Suicide in Missouri: Effectiveness of a Hospital, School and Community Mental Health Center Collaboration in Kansas City

The Missouri Department of Mental Health was awarded a five-year SAMHSA youth suicide prevention grant in 2016. The Show Me Zero Youth Suicide Initiative aims to expand intervention services and prevent suicide in youth aged 10-24 in the greater Kansas City area. This initiative is being implemented by two local Community Mental Health Centers. The program diverts youth who are admitted to hospital emergency department and in-patient psychiatric departments to mental health services at these two centers. Program staff also works with Kansas City area schools to identify and refer youth at risk of suicide. This presentation will describe the key interventions; provide preliminary data on program effectiveness and lessons learned.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the Kansas City youth suicide prevention initiative and its effectiveness in reducing suicide and suicidal ideation
  • Offer lessons learned from implementation of this youth suicide prevention initiative and discuss potential for replication in other locations