Cathy Blanch

Presenting in Kansas City

Cathy Blanch is the Youth Behavioral Health Liaison at Tri-County Mental Health Services in the Northland covering the counties of Clay, Platte and Ray.  In her capacity with the SAMHSA grant, Cathy works directly with youth up through the age of 24 who are experiencing suicidal thoughts or who have had a suicidal attempt. Working with youth during this impressionable time is a lifelong pursuit for Cathy who has worked closely with youth in the academic and clinical arenas for over twenty years. Cathy’s background includes program design where she has installed behavioral health programs in local school systems and revamped the educational process for housing homeless youth.  Cathy recently worked with an international author to make her publication more trauma informed as well as designed and spear headed a research project to evaluate the results of behavioral programs in local area schools.  Cathy is an adjunct professor at her alma mater, Park University where she teaches courses on Theory and Research. Cathy’s passions include helping youth of all ages, remodeling homes, lifelong learning and spending time with her large family.