Bill Geis, PhD

Presenting in Columbia, Kansas City and St. Louis

Youth Suicide Prevention: Changes in Thinking and Tailored Interventions

Bill Geis, PhD is a clinical psychologist in Kansas City, MO. He specializes in clinical psychology.

Upon completion of this workshop participants will be able to….

1) state changes in current youth suicide prevention thinking, including the difference between suicide ideation and lethal risk, differences in risk factors in different school settings, the importance of promoting help-seeking in youth prevention and common barriers that students report in being unwilling to seek help if they feel suicidal.

2) identify they key factors in causing lethal suicide risk and the treatments that are available to address these risks,

3) understand the special problem of impulsive actions in crisis contexts that characterize youth suicide risk, and

4) take home ideas to your school to promote crisis skills, means restriction, life perspective and decreasing student alienation.

1A – What Does Enhanced Suicide Care (a Zero Suicide Approach) Look Like?

Three cases involving two suicidal young men and a suicidal woman will be discussed in terms of assessment, suicide management (safety planning, danger zone plan development and means restriction), development of new narratives and enhanced life perspectives, follow-up contacts, trauma care and cognitive therapy to reverse negative thought patterns.

 Slides and Handouts:

Geis Missouri Prevention HandOut

Geis – Missouri Regional Prevention Conference KC 9-21-18